YES!!!! There it is…the new firmware 1.26 for the flagship TS-990.

Let me say… i am so happy that Kenwood is still pumping life into the flagship, well done Kenwood. I’m testing the firmware sinds 3th September 2023 and i can tell you, great performance, superb upgrade!

the new firmware you can find in the TS-990 downloads or Download Here directly.

What is new:

Updated items : (Version 1.25 1.26) [September 25, 2023]

1. Changes the default value of the Menu No.6-08 “Filter Control in SSB-DATA Mode (High/Low and Shift/Width)” from “Shift & Width” to “High & Low Cut”.
2. Changes the default value of the Clock Menu No.1-01 “NTP Server Address” from “Blank” to “”.
3. Stores the bandscope span frequency separately for SSB/AM/FM mode, CW/FSK/PSK mode, and DATA mode.
*Please also refer to the revised Instruction Manuals.

The following symptoms are revised.	 
 1.The PC control command "KY" (CW text keying) may not work correctly under certain conditions.	 
 2.Center frequency of the APF (Audio Peak Filter) is not corrected when IF SHIFT is varied.

AGAIN KENWOOD...Don't let the beast "die" !

73s Sascha

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