FTDX101D specifications

FT-DX101D / MP description :

Top of the line Yaesu HF transceivers carry the high-end reputation of the FT-DX series and “101” heritage. Available as FT-DX101D (100W) and FT-DX101MP (200W). The FTDX101MP is dedicated to Sako Hasegawa, the founder of Yaesu Musen. The technical design of the FT-DX101 is a hybrid state of the art direct sampling SDR technology with a classic down mixer technology. On the one hand the RF signal is directly digitized behind the preselector filters, as it is typical SDR, while on the other hand the signal coming from the same preselector is down-converted to a 9 MHz IF, then digitized and processed.

This double approach offers plenty possibilities as a wide band 3D (3 Dimension Spectrum Stream) spectrum and waterfall display, at the same time the close-in selectivity of a high-end receiver can be achieved without compromise. The receiver uses up to 5 roofing filter at the 9 MHz IF stage, selected automatially or manually. The excellent receiver capabilities are also supported by a complex pre-selector system with 15 fixed band pass filters supported by a continously tuned variable capacitor filter (VC-Tune) available. This VC filter, tuned automatically or manually, uses a precision stepper motor. This filter claims up to -70dB attenuation of unwanted signals, the result is an outstanding blocking dynamic range of 150 dB at only 2kHz signal spacing.

The transceivers has two equivalent and independent receivers (Main, Sub). Each receiver is equipped with noise reduction and filtering, also the display can be switched to show two spectra at the same time side by side or on top of each other. The two receivers offer a double audio output, you can have Main and Sub band separated on a stereo headphone. The FTDX-101MP power amplifier (200W oputput) utilizes a push-pull circuit with VRF150 MOSFET devices (VDSS=170V, PD=300W) operating at 50V. With excellent linearity and high withstand voltage a high-quality and stable output is realized. The FTDX-101D power amplifier (100W oputput) utilizes a push-pull with reliable RD100-HHF1 MOSFET devices.

FT-DX101D / MP features :


  • FT-DX101D: 100W RF power, requires 13.8V / 22A power supply.
  • FT-DX101MP: 200W RF power, it include external loudspeaker with power supply inside the case.
  • 7-inch color touch panel TFT display, 800 x 480 pixel.
  • Spectrum scope with sweep speed of 30 FPS, display range 100dB, span width 1~1000 kHz.
  • Ultra low noise local oscillator.
  • High stability OCXO oscillator.
  • 32-bit DSP from Texas Instruments offering performance of 2200 MFLOPS processing.
  • DVI display connector.
  • USB / RS-232 interface.
  • USB ports on the front panel.
  • 3 antenna connectors.


  • General coverage receiver covers from 30kHz to 75MHz.
  • Two full independent receivers.
  • 15 Band-pass RF filters on front-end, also continous tuning pre-selector (VC-Tune).
  • Standard 12 kHz, 3 kHz, 600 Hz roofing filter. Also 300 Hz filter on FT-DX101MP.
  • High specification inband 3rd IMDR.
  • Output connectors for RF/IF of the receivers.


  • Low noise cooling fan.
  • Very low distortion speech compressor.
  • CTCSS tone.


  • Automatic CW tuning.
  • CW, PSK31, RTTY decoder.
  • CW full break-in function.


  • MPVD, Multi Purpose VFO outer Dial. Knob with additional outer tuning ring for switchable functions as fine tuning on the Main VFO, tuning on the Sub VFO, VC-tune filter, clarifier.
  • Split operation.
  • SD card memory slot.
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