Annecke Tuners

For 80m and 160m i have a Symmetric open line dipol regulated with Annecke tuners(see below). On the left it's the Symmetric tuner and on the right it's the universal…

Me and the FTdx101d

After some serious research I did buy the famous FTdx101d. With the VC tune (BP filters) and the DNR im able to hear signal I could not hear with my…

DXpedition PZ5G – PZ5ZS

In October i will be active from Papagaaien Island as PZ5G and with my own call PZ5ZS from the mainland of Suriname. I...Sascha, PF9Z and friend Markus, DJ4EL will be…

About Coax Cable

To build a HF station we need some essential components and some optional ones. Now I will discuss the feedline between equipment and the antenna which is commonly Coax cable…

Dutch News! 2022

Januari DL 144 MHz AGCW contest (1 januari) DL 432 MHz AGCW contest (1 januari) Zendexamens N&F in Nijkerk (9 januari) Frankrijk contest korte duur 432 MHz, 1,2 en 2,3 GHz (13 januari) Heelweg…

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