80m/160m Spin Frame Antenna

This project of the 80m/160m Spin Antenna was developed as a result of experiments to become QRV on 80 meters, again, using the little balcony or garden. The frame antenna…

Build your own Wire Antenna!

01 - Tee Antenna 02 - Half-Lamda Tee Antenna 03 - Twin-Led Marconi Antenna 04 - Swallow-Tail Antenna 05 - Random Length Radiator Wire Antenna 06 - Windom Antenna 07…

My SteppIR Urban

  After a long time playing with Optibeams we did sell our property and we're moved to our new property next to some national park.Unfortunately there we're big strong rules…

My Optibeams

After using the Mosley TA34xl i did buy and finished the installation of the OB16-3.....back then i turned ON my TS950sdx....Once on air, there is no limit!.Wow! What a great…

40m Delta Mono-Loop

This antenna is a full wavelength single-delta-loop, with the point of the triangle at the top of the single support pole, and fed near one of the corners - One Quarter Wavelength down…

RF-Choke..Build your own

Many thx for DJ0IP (Rick) & ARRL for contribute this subject! (A) Coiled Coax Choke The coiled coax choke is the easiest to make but also the least effective. If…

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