After using the Mosley TA34xl i did buy and finished the installation of the OB16-3…..back then i turned ON my TS950sdx….Once on air, there is no limit!.
Wow! What a great Antenna! It is a magnificent collection of Monobanders on a big boom that performs beyond any reasonable expectation for a TRIBANDER.
On 20m you have a clean four element monobander, on 15m a wide spaced four element monobander and on 10m the eight elements act like a well designed eight element monobander. Apparently the gain is very high, that can be seen by the incoming and outgoing signals. Breaking pile ups, and even better, producing them, is just fun if you have the OB16-3 up on your tower.
Furthermore, the antenna listens extremely well, it is an unbelievably quiet Yagi.
I get through any pile up at nearly every first call. Signals are always incredibly strong!. It is just spectacular!. F/B and F/S are excellent. I have not noticed any swr fluctuation at all under rainy or windy conditions, not as I found out in other antennas after some time.
Well…..The assembly… was really easy. Everything is perfectly marked, no remeasuring required. Real solid workmanship. No screws or bolts missing. Preassembly on the ground took me alone four hours. Fitting the antenna to the tower together with a HAM friend was done in a couple of hours.
It is truly a large yagi-but well worth the space! If you can handle the size and cost factors of putting up an antenna this size– you will not regret going with Optibeam!

For 40m……well, after a long time using the rotary beam from EAntennas it was also time for the real DX on 40m ;). So, you better have two brothers above eachother in the tower. I decided to buy the OB2-40 from Optibeam. Just one thing….40m is now looking like 20m. Wow, what a great receive on this monster beam. Good FB and my noiselevel is almost down around 1 to 3 S-units.

So Tom…..Lets keep the Optibeam flag high!!!!

73s Sascha de PD9Z

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Above a man and a friend who did design one of the best antennas on our globe!

Tom – DF2BlueOcean…thanks for making signals more clear in the noiselevel 😉

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