TS-990s Downloads

Kenwood TS990 Resources and Files


User Manual – Download (63Mb)
User Manual (INCLUDES NEW 2019 V1.23 FIRMWARE UPDATES) – Download (93Mb)
Service Manual Part 1 – Download (8Mb)
Service Manual Part 2 – Download (10Mb)
In Depth Manual – Download (17Mb)
Amplifier Keying – Wiring Data – Download (0.1Mb)
Kenwood USB Audio Manual V1 – Download (0.4Mb)
Kenwood USB Audio Manual V2 – Download (0.4Mb)
Kenwood PC Control Command Manual (Rev 1.0 – 2015) – Download (0.8Mb)
Virtual Com Port Driver Setup – Download (0.8Mb)
TS 990 Sales Brochure 2013 [Kenwood UK] PDF – Download (2Mb)
TS 990 FT-8 Settings – Download (1Mb)

Kenwood Software Links and Documentation

Current TS990 Software Direct from Kenwood – Link here to Kenwood’s site
TS990 – ARCP 990 V1.04 Download (36Mb)
TS990 – ARCP 990 V1.04 – Info PDF Download (0.2Mb)
TS990 – ARUA 10 V4.00 Download (6Mb)
TS990 – ARUA 10 V4.00 – Info PDF Download (0.2Mb)
TS990 – Virtual Com Port Drivers (Win10) Download (1Mb)
TS990 – Virtual Com Port Drivers (Win7/8) Download (6Mb)
Kenwood Network Command System (KNS) Revision 2 – Download (1Mb)
Kenwood Network Command System (KNS) Revision 3 – Download (1Mb)

Kenwood TS-990 Mods

MARS Mod and Expanded TX (Tnx PA2DB) – Download (01.Mb)
Add an IF Output port to your TS990 (quite involved) – Download (3.3Mb)
Retransmit Recorded Receive Audio (Tnx WD8DAS) – Download (0.1Mb)
Transmit Output Power (Tnx WB4JWM) – Download (0.1Mb)
Noise Blanker 2 (NB2) revised functionality – Download (0.1Mb)
Who said the TS990 Noise Blankers didn’t work – Check this out (132Mb Video .mp4)

Current TS-990 Firmware

PDF list of all firmware revisions (Up to V1.26 September 2023) – Download Here (4 Mb)
The latest firmware (V1.26) September 2023 – Download Here (13Mb)
Firmware Tip!! – Your USB/Memory Stick should be formatted ‘FAT32’ for the TS990 to read it successfully – ‘DO NOT FORMAT NTFS’ (The TS990 does not have an NTFS file system!). When you have formatted your USB stick, place the firmware ‘zip’ file in the top-level route directory.

Old TS-990 Firmware Versions

V1.25 – Download Here

V1.24 – Download Here
V1.23 – Download Here
V1.22 – Download Here
V1.21 – Download Here
V1.20 – Download Here
V1.13 – Download Here
V1.12 – Download Here
V1.06 – Download Here

Good luck with reading and setting up your Flagship 🙂

73s Sascha PF9Z

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