IC-7610 review

As soon as I turned on the IC-7610 for the first time I was immediately impressed by the clarity of the audio. Signals that were not even moving the S-meter and buried in the mud were still Q-5 copy! Stronger signals were studio quality copy.
The SSB TX is very clean and bright sounding, according to on-air checks I’ve made. All EQlines between the Low- and high-ends are really good in balance.

What i like….!!!!:
-Control of the RX filters. Three stored values of which the parameters may be adjusted.
-The noise reduction is great, and works very well in SSB/CW mode, which in my experience is the exception.
-The NR does get some pretty rough signals up to good-copy status.
-The ATT can be dailed manual between 5db to 55db.
-The SSB TX seems to be very clean and bright sounding, according to on-air checks I’ve made.
-I do like the I/Q output which interfaces to HDSDR. Heck of a band scope.

The IC-7610 Front panel

The IC-7610 Back panel

The IC-7610 block diagram

IC-7610 inside top view

IC-7610 inside bottom view

IC-7610 Features

  • Direct-sampling/digital up-conversion HF/6m transceiver with two independent, identical receivers
  • MAIN and SUB receivers can operate independently on different bands and modes (emissions)
  • SUB receiver tuning knob available by plugging RC-28 controller into front-panel USB-A port
  • MAIN/SUB Tracking (simultaneous tuning) from main tuning knob (enabled by menu option)
  • Each receiver front end has dedicated ADC, ADC driver/preamp, 0-45 dB X 3 dB step attenuator, BPF group and Digi-Sel tracking preselector
  • Separate DAC/audio chains for MAIN and SUB receivers; binaural reception possible
  • Powerful ALTERA® RF FPGA performs digital down/up conversion, frequency-management and signal-processing tasks
  • Separate Lattice® Common FPGA performs signal-processing tasks
  • Separate AF/SQL controls and EXT SP jacks for MAIN and SUB receivers
  • Independent MAIN and SUB real-time FFT spectrum scope/waterfall displays with high dynamic range (100 dB)
  • Separate scope RBW (resolution bandwidth) and VBW (video bandwidth) adjustments in Spectrum Scope menu
  • Independent MAIN and SUB spectrum scope/waterfall displays(can be stacked L/R or MAIN above SUB)
  • Dual clock displays
  • Headphone left/right mix can be turned on or off
  • MULTI knob for easier operation  (similar to IC-7300)
  • ANT1 and ANT2 ports with switched hybrid splitter for user-selectable dual-antenna (e.g. diversity) or Dual Watch configurations
  • RX ANT IN/OUT BNC break jacks switchable between MAIN and SUB receiver
  • 10 MHz EXT REF I/O and Transverter I/O BNC jacks
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol) server connectivity (when IC-7610 is connected to Internet)
  • RF-FPGA has MAIN and SUB inputs (from ADC’s) and outputs (to DAC’s), and display data channel to display driver subsystem
  • CW keying waveform generation & shaping in FPGA to minimise latency 
  • CW RX APF function with adjustable position (f0), width and AF gain
  • Low-noise, high-performance 16-bit ADC’s (Linear Technology LTC2208I); sampling rate 122.88 MHz
  • Low-noise ADC driver with high gain-bandwidth product (Linear Technology LTC6409)
  • High-quality 24-bit, 192 kHz stereo audio codec encodes transmit audio and decodes Main and Sub receive audio
  • Digital up-conversion (DUC) exciter and 14-bit DAC (ISL5961IAZ) offer exceptionally low TX phase noise and clean transmitted signal
  • New low-phase-noise clock oscillator with Crystek ultra-low-noise VCXO provides high target RMDR of 105 dB (1 kHz offset), 110 dB (2 kHz offset) and excellent transmitter phase noise performance
  • Common low-noise power supply for the VCXO and FPGA helps assure ultra-low phase noise
  • 100W MOSFET PA unit with fast T/R switching
  • High-speed relay-type auto-ATU with emergency mode to match highly-reactive antennas
  • Ethernet LAN port supports internal RS-BA1 server as in IC-7851, IC-7700 (FW V2.0 & higher), IC-7800 (FW V3.0 & higher)
  • LAN Output Select menu option for AF (baseband) or IF
  • Multiple memory functions
  • Two rear-panel USB-B ports (USB2 & USB3) for CAT control/PCM audio & I/Q baseband output (now supported in Firmware V1.20).
  • Future 12 kHz final IF I/Q output via firmware upgrade
  • Two front-panel USB-A ports for USB stick, mouse, RC-28 controller, keyboard etc.
  • SD card slot for data capture, record/playback, firmware upgrade etc.
  • Firmware upgrade via SD card or USB stick
  • External meter and keypad jacks on rear panel
  • 7″ (diagonal) high-definition touch-screen display
  • Screen image capture to SD card
  • Scope/waterfall windows can be stacked side-by-side or MAIN above SUB
  • Multi-purpose real-time audio scope and FFT audio spectrum analyzer
  • Rear-panel DVI-D port for external video display
  • External display resolution selectable via menu: 800X600 or 800X480
  • Large RAM reserve for future firmware expansion
  • Dimensions & weight: 340 (W) X 118 (H) X 277 (D) mm, 8.5 kg
  • Operating refinements:
    • Mute band by pressing corresponding volume knob
    • Mic DC bias can be disabled for dynamic mc
    • Keyer memories can use F1-F8 on keyboard
    • Can record and capture directly to USB drive or SD card
    • Adjustable independent beep tones for the main and sub bands from 500-2000Hz

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