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After a long time playing with Optibeams we did sell our property and we’re moved to our new property next to some national park.
Unfortunately there we’re big strong rules in this area for putting up big antennas. Well…after i did sell the OB’s to a good friend i did do some research on the internet and i saw the newcomer from SteppIR…The Urban Beam.
Almost 10m elements length, good specs and a beautifull nice dark green color whats fitting right in this area 😉
After 2 days of assembling the beam was ready to go up in my telescopic 26m tower…..looking awesome!!!!
What i did noticed….very good F/B and from 6m to 40m a nice and steady SWR…less then 1:1.15. Also the noise levels are incredible, for example on 20m i only got a max of S1. With bad weather like some rainy day the SteppIR also works great, no strange SWR or noise from the water.
The 180degrees switch is working perfect….this option i do like very much. Playing with the SDA100 controller is very easy too, you can even get the controller tuned by the radio itself.


Urban  Performance
Band   dBiGain   F/R dB
40 m   1.6*   9.55(F/S)
30 m   1.77**   9.63(F/S)
20 m   6.5   12
17 m   6.6   12.6
15 m   6.6   14
12 m   6.7   15.7
10 m   6.65   14.8
6 m*   6.15   4

Many guys asking me already what antenna i use….reports are really incredible.

73s Sascha de PD9Z


Above i did install my first , one of the best antennas on our globe!

Download the installation manual here

SteppIR…thanks for making signals more clear in the noiselevel 😉

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