Ofcourse there are many transceivers and many opinions about them…..but these are mine:

Yaesu FTdx101d with a pair SP-101 speakers. I think it’s the best TRX nowadays….esspecially when i talk about DX receive with that incredible VC tune and DNR combination.

Well…..it was time to put the new Icom IC-7610 with External speaker on my desk.

Very happy with this new top of the line SDR Transceiver…good TX/RX audio, great filtering.

FT-2000d Full line…it’s was my backup transceiver

Before the above TRX i had also the IC77000 wich i didn’t prefer above the ProIII

Before that plenty others like the Mark-V from Yaesu….but there was a long time use on the Kenwood TS950SDX with SM230 and SP950. But finaly he was going on retirement!!!

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