IC-7610…Ham’s Perspective

“The flexibility of this new technology is just amazing. When you purchased a radio in the past what you got was locked in. With the new technology the manufacturers can…

About Coax Cable

To build a HF station we need some essential components and some optional ones. Now I will discuss the feedline between equipment and the antenna which is commonly Coax cable…

My SteppIR Urban

  After a long time playing with Optibeams we did sell our property and we're moved to our new property next to some national park.Unfortunately there we're big strong rules…

My Optibeams

After using the Mosley TA34xl i did buy and finished the installation of the OB16-3.....back then i turned ON my TS950sdx....Once on air, there is no limit!.Wow! What a great…

About Propagation

HF  PROPAGATION Good knowledge of the propagation of radio waves and procedures when making connections are very important. The weather is an important factor. Here is some more information about propagation and the…

40m Delta Mono-Loop

This antenna is a full wavelength single-delta-loop, with the point of the triangle at the top of the single support pole, and fed near one of the corners - One Quarter Wavelength down…

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